order not to tire, observe the daily routine.Going to bed should be at the same time, with a day rest should be paid at least 7 hours.If you get used to go to bed and get up at the same time, the body will feel much better.The lack of stress upon waking makes the day more intense.
Alternate different types of activities.Correctly will combine mental and physical activity.But it is not always possible to move away from the monitor or a run, so do exercises for the eyes, every 2-3 hours go outside to get some air.Even 5 minutes will be enough to cheer up.It is better not to combine those with smoking breaks, do not forget about health.
simultaneously perform only one action.Versatility is very tired, so make a plan of what you need to get, but follow all stages.If you would set priorities, you will know that you need to perform now and what later.Simultaneous actions degrade the quality of what has been created, as well as later, do not give the brain to relax completely.The thoughts you carry part of the obligations with a home.
Stressful situations make the work more difficult.It is necessary to avoid any feelings, so do not pay attention to the arguments of colleagues not involved in the discussion of other employees, refuse intrigue.Do not have properties worry about criticism, take it, fix bugs, but do not think about it constantly.The worst thing that can happen is the dismissal, but to go through such a thing is not difficult, and the work will not be difficult to find.The more relaxed you are, the more energy will remain after a hard day.
invigorating drink robs you of power.It just seems that the coffee in the morning gives the desire to live, really active early in the day will cost you passivity evening.The more toning things, the more fatigue.Even the scientists have proved that coffee or tea only hinder the full operation of the body, not help it.Better to use a douche in the morning and wash throughout the day, water helps relieve the tension.
order within a week invigorated, you need high quality vacation weekend.Pay particular attention to this, for example, sign up for a relaxing massage, it will force a few days.Reduce the time of cleaning, replace the watch favorite pastime: fishing, dancing, singing, modeling, embroidery.It is important to do something that is fun, it's a good way to escape.It helps relaxation meditation or yoga.You can visit the only class of the day to be filled with strength to live on.