Start your day with a smile.Remember when the little man is born, he is astonished eyes looking around and smiling, welcoming the world.Waking up in the morning, take the time to get up and do things the morning.Instead, stretch in bed and smile at yourself and the world around you.During the day, try to smile more often, at first it may be several constraint, but you soon get used to it and begin to notice that the world was changing and filled with bright colors of life.
during the day to get yourself a reason for joy.No need to wait for some special events, fairly good weather, a beautiful flower or a smile passer.You appreciate what you have, and then you get a lot more than expected.
Ask yourself the question of how to make the day a memorable one?The work done in this direction will allow you to not only useful and interesting way to spend the day, but also to experience joy.
Put in a day or a few days small goals to work towards the implementation of which, you get the satisfaction and joy.
happening in each event, pay attention to the positive side."There is no silver lining" - an old saying has never fit in this case.
good way to fill your life with joy - to do creative work.Think maybe you've always wanted to learn to paint landscapes?It's time to realize a dream.
During the day, to set the mood, remember the happy moments of his life.This could be your wedding, graduation, the laughter of your child or the time of its own success - each of us have memories that are excellent in this situation.
Finally, if you just learn to enjoy every day failed, do not dwell on this, better think: "Yes, today it did not happen, but I will certainly achieve that tomorrow."You will certainly be able to do it, to be sure.