Select the nickname that matches the floor puppy and does not cause unpleasant associations.Euphonious nicknames like others, and will cause them sympathy for the dog.Therefore, do not invent nicknames that carry a negative meaning.It should be short and easy to pronounce.Do not use human names, place names or ranks.The nickname should be simple.
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nickname Speak loudly and clearly, so that the dog knew that was her name.Repeat it periodically, even if there is no need to call the dog.Once the puppy pay attention to you and will run up to you, encourage him for his ingenuity, stroke or Treat delicious delicacy.At the same nickname again several times.

Before you feed the puppy, lift the feeder, call him, wait until he will respond and come to you, and only then lower the bowl of food on the floor.Repeat a couple of times as the nickname while feeding the puppy.

Develop the puppy's ability to respond immediately to the call, even if it is something very distracted.Before serving, be sure to wait until the dog is distracted from bones or toys, stop to watch the cat and hear what you call him.Feed your puppy only after he pays attention to what his master is calling for food.
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Secure develop skills on a daily basis.Encourage your puppy and praise him every time he pays attention to what you call him, and runs up to you.Gradually reduce the amount of incentive gestures.In the future, praising the puppy because he responds to his nickname, it will not be necessary.Only if in the future he suddenly cease to react to it, can temporarily return to the incentive delicacies.
vybrat as a nickname for the dog
puppy at the age of three months, usually gets used to the nickname, so you just have to consolidate and improve this skill.Eventually replace the promotion as a delicacy in the verbal praise, such as an exclamation of "good" and "well done".Remember that the puppy should react to his nickname in a timely manner.If the dog responds immediately, then the skill is not yet fully developed.

complicates the task of improving the skills, call your pet when he is distracted by something.You can hold an exercise in the complex.For example, call your pet, saying nickname, gives the command "to me!" And then "walk!".But say the name of the dog during training too often is not necessary, otherwise the dog will run the command only if the command is combined with the nickname.
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