Young animals are very difficult to distinguish by gender.Weigh chicken.Cockerel must weigh a couple grams more.They outwardly appear larger.In daily chickens head less than in males, less than scallop.In males legs stronger and thicker, stronger beak bent.
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Pick up chicken for the foot.Cockerel immediately hangs motionless, chicken is trying to take the normal position, flapping its wings and twisting his head.Grab the scruff of the young.In cockerel legs hanging straight, running out of chicken by itself.
Dried smelt how to distinguish male from female
Take care beak chicken fingers.Cock will try to snatch it from your hands.
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Look at the tail.Chicken feathers quicker than a cock, and his feathers with some gloss.In rooster tail feathers sticking up from the chicken pen to sharpen the ponytail.The wings are covered with smooth matured chickens feathers from males are of different lengths.
how to distinguish between a rooster from the hen
color Rate chickens.Modern poultry output hens and cocks a certain color.Each breed has its own colors of males and females.Divide them immediately.
how to distinguish between a cock from a chicken video
Look at the tail of the chicks.A few weeks later it develops in chickens, roosters later.In rooster tail feathers sticking up from the chicken pen sharpened.
compare the body young.A chicken neck is shorter than that of a rooster.On legs cockerel noticeable bump developing spurs.
Watch the chickens in the months of age, when the developing external sexual characteristics.In cockerel already visible red beard and a big comb, legs are longer and thicker than those of hens, they appear spurs.
Look at the behavior of chickens.Males are active, a lot of running around and fighting with each other.Chickens are fearful, sluggish running, squeak, and often behind the mother-hen.
Examine the genitals chicken.Push down on the belly open cesspool.In cock on the inner wall will be palpable tubercle chickens have not.