Get a special tool - Antigryzin.It is sold in pet stores.Treat them to a wire and other items that are subject to the animal attacks.This tool has an unpleasant taste and odor hateful cat citrus.At the same time it is safe for pets themselves, and for the people, which is important if a family has a child, which can also lead to try the taste.
dog chewing on the wires as a wean
Alternatively, you can use traditional remedies.The first of them - a lemon.Repeat rubbing them held every two days.The second way - to use aloe juice.Cut a leaf from the plant, make it a longitudinal incision and process wires.Maybe a cat, try aloe juice on the tooth to start salivating.To help her, rinse your mouth with warm running water.
wean rabbits gnaw wires
If you have strong nerves, using a method that at first glance may seem cruel.But in fact, he - the most effective.Buy gum, which is used for sewing - is inserted into the children's pants, skirts in the fold belt.As soon as you saw that the cat was interested wires, pull the gum, send it to the animal and release.Elastic clicks on the body, the main thing is not to get on the muzzle.Each time a home favorite of coming to a prohibited object, repeat this operation.At the head of her develop into a logical connection between the wires and a click, and a week later a pedagogy she no longer desire to even look in that direction.
How to wean rabbits write on furniture
If such a rigorous method is not for you, the ability to use the cat to associate the phenomena with each other differently.The plastic mold (cup of sour cream, yogurt, disposable container) put metal objects - the nuts and bolts.Roll up tape, the contents can not fall out.Whenever an animal intended to go to the wire, throws made you form the filling into the air.It will produce a sound effect that cats do not like.
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