almost always puppies are born toothless, but a month later a healthy pet can boast 32 sharp teeth - four teeth, the incisors 12 and 16 premolars.Of the 28 milk teeth, that is temporary.The first to appear milk incisors, premolars and then (the root), then to the upper and lower jaws grow fangs.As for children, the appearance of the teeth for puppies can be painful, sometimes the temperature rises, there is a refusal of food.
On the third or fourth month of life, there is a change of milk teeth permanent.The first to fall knives, under their roots can be seen the beginnings of new ones.After incisors are replaced by permanent premolars, and then, at the age of 6-7 months, the canines.In large breeds teeth are changing faster in young - slowly.
roots of the teeth just dissolve and razgryzaniya something hard they fall, the new permanent teeth grow in the empty channels.Gums puppy scratched, he constantly something gnaws and bites.To reduce conflicts over spoiled things away is better to remove all valuable, shoes, wires.It is important to keep your puppy something hard to play, for example, items of cast rubber or latex, of which he can scratch his teeth.
Many owners today prefer to feed the dogs and puppies ready for dry or semi-liquid food.And if earlier in the meal took up to half an hour, the modern dog eats all of 5 minutes or less.As a result of chewing muscles do not get enough load, the gums do not reach the size provided by nature.If, moreover, the puppy will not toys and bones to chew almost inevitable problems with loss of milk teeth.
does not fall in time to milk tooth leads to the fact that the constant rises in the wrong place, or do not grow at all.It is also considered a violation if the permanent teeth grow only to the year.This dog does not take to the exhibition, it is excluded from breeding.You can help the dog to remove loose tooth, specialized care will vet.
The most common violation of change of milk teeth in dogs occurs in small dogs weighing less than 8 kg.Some breeds with a long snout or medium susceptible to these problems, such as poodles, levretki, toyterery, Miniature Pinscher, Scotch terriers, shelties, Chihuahua, Bichon.However, poor diet can lead to a violation and large dogs - Rottweilers, Boxers, Shepherds, Labradors.