all about basking shark

The size basking shark gives the whale shark, but its dimensions more than impressive - it has an average length of 10 meters and a weight of 4 tons.This species is found in a moderately warm waters of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.Externally, the body of a giant shark resembles a cigar dark gray, brown or black.Belly Fish has a lighter color than the sides and back, and face taken out far ahead.
Young giant shark snout like a short trunk, which disappears with time, transformed into a full shark snout.

on both sides of the head sharks are huge gill slits, which have no analogues among other fish.Gill arches giant sharks are equipped with tiny horny 1000-1300 stamens each - their purpose is to filter seawater.Since this type of shark feeds only plankton are microscopic teeth (compared to the size of the body) and are arranged in 5-7 rows.They literally shark frays plankton.

basking shark liver

basking shark liver is located in the rear part of the body and accounts for nearly a quarter of the mass of the shark body.This allows it to perform some float, not allowing the shark to drown.Afloat support her two powerful pectoral fin and shark body movement controls symmetrical caudal fin.Basking shark liver surprisingly useful - it is a huge amount of vitamins A, D and E, and squalene - a substance used for the treatment of lung, heart, women's and skin diseases.
Scientists engaged in the development of drugs from squalene to help treat cancer.

addition, the basking shark liver contains alkilglitseridy and fatty acids, which are the most valuable natural raw materials for food supplements and medicines.These substances strengthen the immune system in all areas, and squalamine and squalene helps to effectively fight bacterial and fungal infections.

shark liver oil factory called nutrients - not just nutritional.Oil from shark liver was used in the 18th century, when the Norwegians and Swedes used it to heal wounds and treat diseases of the digestive and respiratory systems.We knew about the benefits of shark liver and ancient Spaniards who regularly drink this oil - they practically do not hurt and did not even know what a cold.