First, choose disinfectants.The main solution for this purpose can serve as a substance which is used for disinfection in hospitals - eg dezaktin or chlorhexidine.They are chlorine-containing agents, however, are of very mild smell, which quickly disappears.To start you need to wash the surface of household cleaners, and then treated with a solution of chlorhexidine or dezaktina, the remains of which will eliminate wet cleaning.

These solutions can be used not only for disinfection of surfaces - even children's toys.

From folk disinfectants can be used acetic acid, ammonia, linseed oil or a saturated salt solution.Flax seed oil - a natural antiseptic that is absorbed into the wood and painted surfaces, protecting them permanently from bacteria and giving it an aesthetic appearance.The salt solution is usually combined with the addition of acetic acid, enhancing its cleaning effect.Ammonia often disinfect kitchen surfaces and premises in which smoking.Ethyl alcohol for disinfection is not recommended because it negatively affects the appearance of most materials.

disinfection methods

Disinfecting surfaces made as general cleaning, but it handled everything - from the bathrooms to the back room.From the room in which disinfection takes place, it is necessary to make all the curtains, curtains, tablecloths, bedspreads, carpets, and stuffed toys.The disinfectant solution is applied to the surface by spray and washed with pure water.Also surfaces also need to spray disinfectant walls, floor and ceiling.It is important to wash the place of heavy furniture, treating them antifungal preservative.

disinfection apartments definitely need to take precautions, carry out the procedure in a respirator, gloves and protective glasses.

After disinfecting surfaces treated the room should be well ventilated and keep closed for a day with the windows open.For the final disposal of microbes, the room can be treated using a quartz germicidal lamp, which is placed in the room for four hours.In the clean room things can be transferred only after their treatment to the germs on them again multiplied in the disinfected room.