For quality pool cleaning is necessary to use special chemical means in the form of tablets.Depending on the variety of such tablets can perform various functions.

Appointment tablets for swimming pools

The fact is that in any pond or basin has unwanted organic substances.For outdoor pools very urgent problem of algae formation.When injected into the pool water, they actively grow and multiply there.As a result, the water in the pool becomes cloudy, and the surface becomes slippery.After cleaning the walls of the basin may remain brown spots.Only special chemical pills can help you troubleshoot this problem.

Features tablets for swimming pools

often tablets for swimming pools are multifunctional tools for pollution control.With their help you can quickly carry out disinfection of the water, to destroy harmful organic substances.The use of tablets is completely eliminate the possibility of reproduction and growth of algae.But the water will be completely safe for humans.

There tablets with special chemical compounds that dissolve completely in the water for one or two weeks.During this period of time for the pool is not exactly experience.Adding chlorine is also not required.A tablet should be placed in a special pool skimmer and wait for the results.

How to choose a pill for the pool?

very high quality and efficient chemical pills are considered the French and German production.They can even be used in automated cleaning systems pools.Such tablets for swimming pools are available in convenient form, and take up very little space.In addition, European production means contain no chlorine and are safe for humans.

If the water in the pool becomes cloudy or reddish tinge, it is necessary to begin to use special kogulyantami for further clarification of the water.These rapidly soluble tablets chloro not form a large foam surface.They can be used not only in the skimmers, but in special dispensers.

Sometimes it happens that the water in the pool gets a greenish tint.In this situation, it is recommended to use pills with algaecides that prevent the emergence and subsequent growth of algae.Usually such tablets do not lead to the formation of an abundant foam, but it is not required.