Even a very good iron can give owners an unpleasant surprise.During ironing linen mistress suddenly say that with every movement of the iron on the fabric traces remain ugly.It's good if you can just caught on and not to spoil clothing.

What if the iron stain clothes

with iron, stain the cloth, you must do something, otherwise you will always have to wash out clothes, and in the most severe cases - and throw.There are, of course, an option that simply throwing iron outsole spoiled and buy a new one.But if you can clean the dirt from the soles, it makes no sense to throw away a good thing working.

If you are going to try to clean the iron, it is necessary to know what material it is made sole.This will help you decide when choosing a cleanser.Manufacturers produce models with soles made of aluminum, aluminum coated with Teflon, ceramics and cermets, stainless steel.

How can I clean the soleplate

otchischeniya for traces of iron scale from adhering dirt and weld can use soft non-abrasive compositions intended for cleaning dishes.From the "home" means suitable paste of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, toothpaste - it should be applied to slightly warm iron.For Teflon soleplate take special sponge, but cleansing using it will be a little time consuming.Should not be cleaned using a stiff sponge - they scratch the material that leads to further destruction of enamel.

Well helps vinegar essence.Cotton pads dipped in essence, it is necessary to wipe the entire surface of the foot, and then iron the iron piece of cotton cloth.

common method of treatment using iron salts.First, the device is slightly heated, then "ironed" sheet of paper, on which fill the salt.But this should be carefully choose salt - will suit only a very small fraction, which does not hurt the soles.If you avoid scratches did not work, you can hold the processing of iron paraffin.So it will be better able to slide over the fabric.

can try other methods that use home remedies.Iron, without heating the treated gruel of soda.In this position, it is left for a while, and then cleaned with a soft cloth.Another equally widespread method - processing composition made from vinegar and ammonia.The entire surface is wiped intense movements using cotton pad and detergent residue must be removed by wiping with a clean cloth iron.