principle of using the same plugs.Initially planned mounting location.Then, a punch diameter must be done with the required hole diameter and depth.Further, excess blown dust, and insert the dowel with a screwdriver or screwdriver twisted fasteners.

dowels are available for hollow, hollow, laminated and massive (solid) walls.They are used when the free end of the screw is not available to the tool mounting.Dowels Cavity wall anchors have a principle, for bulk - expander.


Expanding anchors consist of a metal sleeve with parts of the cartridge, reveals differences in rod or nylon deformable sleeve.Anchor dowels - very tricky in technical terms the device.In some cases, the end of the nylon fastener cartridge when screwing the rod can be extended, in others - because of the transverse embossments turns into a locking shape resembling a diamond.There

steel dowels that connect the massive foundation shoes with supporting parts of steel parts.When used at the top of the concrete shoe using a drill at the exact layout make holes which then set the all-metal plugs.With this method, the use of the combined weight of connecting parts equals just one-hundredth share of the traditional material of metal.

work in the house

regards repairs in homes, especially in the modern walls and floors which are made of reinforced concrete structures, the dowel is simply irreplaceable.All fastening operations with walls, ceilings and floors are carried out with their help.For proper use is necessary to choose the right type of anchors.For this purpose, as a rule, the necessary load is calculated and analyzed constructions studs required thickness.

If the hole is horizontal, that is, when the screw is screwed to the cut, using dowels with a diameter of 8-10 mm.They dug into the brick or concrete wall by 40-50 mm.Most often, such a principle is used when installing kitchen cabinets, shelves and so on.For products requiring stronger attachment (for example, Swedish walls) can use dowels that allow zaglubit screw 90-100 millimeters.

With a vertical arrangement of fastening the load will operate down, so it's best to choose dowels having spacer wings and transverse incisions.It is important that the hole is completely consistent with the diameter of dowel.It is determined by the ease of entry.Dowel with a certain force must be hammered with a hammer.

This principle applies when installing suspended ceilings and other three-dimensional objects that are in limbo.Recommended drilling depth - 40-50 mm.For greater reliability dowel holes smeared with white glue.After plugging waiting hours to glue grabbed.However, if you choose the right type and thickness of the dowel, such measures would be unnecessary.