assortment of vacuum bags for storage is quite diverse.Manufacturers offer a wide range of vacuum bags ranging from a variety of sizes, colors, flavors, finishing with special fasteners and valves of different designs.

general principle

vacuum bags that are used to store or transport things, can be equipped with a specially integrated opening with a valve designed for the process of evacuating.For pumping air is usually used a hand pump or a conventional home vacuum cleaner.When evacuating the air volume garments or items decreases almost four times, as is preferred during storage or transport.After evacuation, if the valve is not automatic (that is, after pumping the air flow in the package it is automatically locked), the valve must close the lid, or use a special switch.

advantages of using vacuum bags

With easy compact storage, the use of vacuum bag has the following advantages:

1. Reliable protection of things from dust;
2. Sealed packaging allows you to protect items and clothing from unpleasant odors, moisture, mold, fungi;
also vacuum bags are very convenient for freezing various products.
3. must be protected from moths, mites and other insects, and microbes and allergens;
4. Ability reusable.

Food vacuum bags protect foods against oxidation, change in appearance and taste, weight loss, drying.

This can be useful:

- better to buy vacuum bags with automatic valves that do not allow air after pumping.
- before being placed in a vacuum bag of things you must see to it that things are clean and dry, otherwise things can be completely ruined;
- for prevention of leakage when placing items in the package should be left free space near the clasps or zip zippers, and before pumping is necessary to check the surface of the fasteners to the absence of foreign objects;
- the surface of the vacuum bag must be shielded from direct contact with cutting or sharp objects, as well as when they are placed inside the package;
- to avoid contact of the vacuum package heaters.

Scope vacuum packages is constantly growing.So began to appear new developments vacuum bags for food storage, not only in terms of production and packaging plants, but also for home use.Vacuum packs help keep things compact and safe.