you need
  • - siphon;
  • - Bulgarian drill with cutting wheel;
  • - Screwdriver;
  • - a hammer;
  • - pliers;
  • - silicone sealant.
to start work on replacing the siphon with the dismantling of old.Using pliers, remove the drain and overflow.They better not pull over, swinging, namely twist clockwise.
unpack the new siphon.The package must have all the necessary elements for the installation.Remove the liner white color - it is made in the form of a ring with the edges curved outwardly.The surface of the pad should be treated as a silicone sealant.Included there is another strip, a little thicker than the first one - it is not necessary to handle.
Take gaskets, silicone, and insert it into the drain hole.Then set the second and make sure that both pads securely.Now take the next part of the drain and place it at the bottom of the hole, which is put on the grid with a bolt.Tighten the screw with a flat screwdriver.
Install overflow.To do this, connect the drain hose and perform sealing device.Take the gasket with silicone grease, and its seat and then lock on the product.The upper portion of the pad is also recommended to treat the silicone.
Take corrugated hose, stretch and fit the nut.Lock her part with carvings.Make sure that the assembly has passed correctly, and all connections are tightened securely.This will prevent leakage during operation.The construction, set the overflow hole.From inside the bath put the bars with bolt.The end of the overflow pipe set into the drain hole, then tighten the plastic nut.
Reassemble the siphon.Take part with two sockets and screw it flat gasket.To a large nut at the other end part tapered gasket set.It will have to tighten.With a great nuts attach the structure to the bottom of the drain.
at establishing a corrugated piece that has two bell, it is necessary to put gidrozatvornuyu part.Fasteners has the details.Now take the corrugation, its bell set in the sewers, and attach the other end to the siphon.Adjust them and how to tighten the nuts.