Citizens are increasingly abandoning devices bathrooms in the country in the form of the usual small wooden building.Today it is possible to mount a more comfortable system that not only solves such a delicate issue, but also recycles waste product of the body in a fertilizer suitable for application to the soil.

The principle of the Finnish peat toilet

Finnish peat toilet is a system, a fundamental principle of which is a natural biological process of recycling.With this task perfectly cope microorganisms present in the peat.Besides the fact that they decompose organic matter, these bacteria are not bad cope with the smell.The level of comfort in the Finnish bathroom almost as convenience of comfortable rooms.Therefore, such a toilet works as usual with the only difference that flushing is not needed.

How to Finnish peat toilet?

In order to establish the country Finnish peat toilet need to build a separate small room.Beneath it is necessary to dig a hole so deep that it fit a plastic or metal container of 100-120 liters.She will not have to empty and clean, as to the extent of filling of waste must be removed, the contents sent to the compost pile, and the capacity to return to the place.

is important to think about a way in advance of the excavation of the tank, it was not necessary each time to dismantle or move the toilet seat.This problem can be solved as follows: mount floor bathrooms at such a height that the capacity of the waste can be removed from outside the toilet: the side through prefabricated hatch.But in this case, the size of the tank be reduced to 40-50 liters.Therefore, it is necessary to empty more often.

For ease of use bathrooms in it and set the toilet seat mounted ventilation system.The room should be in a bucket of peat, which can be mixed with sawdust.Each time you use the toilet in a container under the toilet seat poured a layer of peat.If it is mixed with sawdust, it will speed up the processing of waste products and more effectively eliminate odor.Do not wait until the container is filled to the brim: remove it will be much harder.Better periodically straighten its contents into compost, do not forget sprinkle a layer of peat.

to Finnish peat toilet was more comfortable, the construction can be insulated using foam or thermal panels.Interior walls can be clad with any decorative material or cover water resistant paint.Toilet seat, it is desirable to equip a comfortable seat.