It is advisable to make a preliminary calculation of the number of bricks so that you could buy it at once one party.This is to ensure that the material is not required to buy more directly in the process of construction.

same products from the other parties may, at least marginally, have a different color, which will adversely affect the external appearance of the future house.That's why you need to know at least the approximate number of bricks for construction.

Calculating the number of bricks to build a house

Before performing calculations, it is necessary to decide what will be on the thickness of the wall of the house.

Classic material can be laid in half-brick, while the wall thickness would be 12 centimeters in one element - 25 centimeters, the product 1,5 - 38 centimeters, 2 - 51 cm, 2.5 - 64 centimeters.For residential buildings in central Russia is the optimal thickness of about 2-2.5 product.

Once you have decided on the thickness of the walls, you can proceed to the calculation of the most important parameters of the future building.To do this, calculate the length of the perimeter and height.Then multiply the height required by the length and as a result will have the total surface area of ​​the perimeter walls.

Then from the resulting number is subtracted the total area of ​​all door and window openings, and the output is a wall surface.You also need to determine the size of bricks.

There are several types of bricks:
- double;
- sesquioxides;
- odinapnye.

Options double cladding products: length - 25 cm, thickness - 12 cm, height - 13.8 cm.Characteristics of Single - 25x12x6,5 cm, the parameters of double brick - 25h12h13,8 centimeters.

If you want a bit of speed up and facilitate the process of construction, you need to buy double or one and a half brick, but it can affect the aesthetics of the wall of the house.In turn, the wall of the single device looks much prettier.However, it is a matter of taste.Only after determining the required type of product can perform the calculation of the required number of components.

Calculation of bricks: recommendations

To simplify your task, you can use the calculator calculate the number of bricks that is easy to find on the Internet.

recommended to order bricks 15-20% more than the estimated amount.One reason for this reserve - the battle materials, inevitable during the construction and installation of the walls of the house.