Tip 1: How to install blinds

Modern blinds manufacturers produce vertical and horizontal designs that look great not only in the office but also in homes.If you do not want to invite specialists to install blinds, and plan to do it yourself, you should find out at some point.

Installing vertical blinds Vertical blinds

harmonious look in the office, and in a country house.Fasten the data structure on the ceiling or wall.Because of the variety of shapes and colors should be chosen blinds that match the shape and size of the window.The kit consists of a chain of vertical blinds, slats, cornice.Once it is determined the place of installation, you must:
- make markings on the surface of the walls;
- in places marking install brackets;
- to hang cornice brackets, slats and sliders.
install slats should be in the order indicated on the package.

Methods for installing horizontal blinds

As well as vertical, horizontal blinds can be mounted on the ceiling, wall, each sash window or overlay.Here it is necessary to take into account two factors: the depth and width of the window sill.Initially, measurements were taken of windows.

installation diagram:
1. installing blinds in the window opening, the length of the blinds should be reduced to 2 cm from the bottom and top.In the method in an overlay, you must do the opposite - on each side add 5 cm.
2. Use the tools to do the exact layout of places for installation mounting structure.Installation of fixtures by means of special dowels and screws.Experts recommend for this use dowels size 6x100.
Ready to install a cornice with all the elements and test the functionality of mechanisms.

Installing vertical blinds is different from the horizontal so that the vertical bottom-mounted models, special weights that should pull the chain both inside and on the outside.The best option shutters - is a variant of fastening on each window sash.The advantages of this method are obvious: compactness, preservation of mobility, ease of opening the window.

to install blinds need screws, dowels, drill, pencil, tape measure and level.If fixing is carried out by means of screws, the plastic will be needed fixing.But the surest way to mount the cornice - is the installation of constructions on the screws to the frame.If shutters are installed on windows, you can do without drilling.When you install your custom blinds on the window, you need to use a special form of slats and length.

Tip 2: How to install shutters on the balcony

Of the three kinds of blinds: vertical, horizontal and roll for the device on the balcony windows are best suited latter two modifications.The principle of fixing differs only by small nuances in the installation process.
Blinds in the interior balcony
you need
  • - blinds;
  • - screwdriver;
  • - pencil or marker;
  • - screws;
  • - horizontal level.
To set the blinds do not interfere with free movement of window sashes and gives the room neat and aesthetic appearance, they need to order and to make the size.It is better to opt for plastic products, as it does not have much weight and quite easy to clean.Blinds are equipped with a set of brackets and profiles, which ensure the reliability of their operation.
Mounts, which kept blinds, multifunctional.They can be used to produce any type of mounting surfaces, such as on a wall or directly on the window frame.For devices blinds on the balcony will be more convenient to make the installation of windows on the doors - so it will be easier to open them for ventilation.
In the first phase of work to produce a layout guide profiles.Blinds applied to the point of attachment, and make their mark on the side edges.Then, departing from these labels 3 cm to the center, mark the location of the bracket.The layout is better to produce a very thin pencil or marker to leave no visible traces on the surface.To check the correct horizontal position is better to use the building level.
With a mounting location to define the place screwing screws and drilled holes for their depth of 3 cm. The brackets are attached to the window with screws and insert them in the profiles of the end face.Do this by placing a special lever on the bracket into the T-shaped profile and the lock snaps into place on its territory.The ability of the lever to be in different positions allows you to adjust the fastening installation.
Thereafter fabric blinds lowered over the entire length and is attached to the lower ledge insertion.The place to install the lower mounting in drilled hole screwed screw, but do not do it until the end.The ledge is fixed in the lower position.After all the work the chain is fixed to the shutter control mechanism.Checking free stroke paintings when lifting and lowering.
Do not try to attach shutters to the window glazing beads.If the place screwing the screw is calculated incorrectly, awkward movement can damage the window glass.Despite the fact that the process of installing shutters is not different complexity, it requires certain skills, and if there are doubts about the final result, it is necessary to invite the master to undertake this work.