Home Mouse can be dangerous!

All domestic mice are very cowardly creatures.They are afraid of the person and anyone bigger than them.They are omnivores and quite unpretentious.It should be noted that mice and rats in the house may be carriers of infectious diseases such as plague, typhoid, rabies, tularemia, salmonellosis, and others. If in a private home, apartment or plot bred mouse, you need to take urgent measures to destroy them!

How to get rid of mice effective ways

  1. Currently, there are great anti-rodent - deterrent.They are completely harmless to humans and their pets - dogs, cats, rabbits.The principle of operation is the emission of some portion of a person inaudible high-frequency sound waves that are strong stimuli for household pests.Deterrent system - this is the best humane solution when a mouse in the house.
  2. How to get rid of these parasites, without the help of modern repellents?Of course, with the help of improvised poisons!For the preparation of one of the most known mouse baits must mix the sugar, flour and gypsum, after which the resulting mixture was diluted with water.Rodents get a lethal dose of constipation.
  3. Another way to destroy the mice in the house - a classic trap.They can make your own or purchase in specialized stores.Good fit and sticky bait.Before applying are encouraged to carefully read the instructions.
  4. in the fight against domestic rodents can get a cat.This is a proven uptime way to destroy the hated pests.
  5. How to get rid of mice yet?With some tricks!For example, it is possible to smear the floors in the apartment with red hot pepper, or spread out in places of appearance of rodents wormwood.It will scare away pests.It is recommended to cover up the alleged mouse in apartments specially prepared cracks with a mixture of cement, broken glass and clay.
  6. If the situation with rodents in the house running or just do not want to communicate with them, then destroy the mice will help experts from the relevant service.They know firsthand how to deal with mice, rats, cockroaches, bedbugs and other pests.Professional quality and conscientiously do their work, ensuring complete security.