mineral wool production is increasing every year, as the demand for it as heat and sound insulation material increases.However, each country has its own degree of danger classifies mineral wool to humans.With extreme caution suited to the mineral fibers in the construction of residential buildings Germany, considering them as potentially dangerous.In the market of building materials mineral wool is referred to as rock wool, although this term is hiding all of these types of heaters.

What is the potential risk of each species

Under mineral wool is meant fibers of producing materials such as glass, stone, slag.Depending on the feedstock it is called, respectively, glass wool, slag or stone (basalt) wool.

80% in the manufacture of glass cullet is presented, there are also limestone and soda, etibor and sand.The main disadvantage of the resulting material is its fragility and brittleness.In operation, the minute particles of glass wool can easily penetrate not only for clothing, but also to the respiratory tract.Therefore, the safety of the work must be carried out in overalls, covering his face respirator and protective goggles.Clothing subsequent cleaning and laundry not to be.

basis of mineral wool is blast furnace slag, which has the property of forming an aggressive environment for the metal due to the residual acidity.Slag wool fibers is not less fragile than glass.

Stone wool made from rocks of gabbro-basalt group.Its fibers can withstand the temperature increase up to 1000 degrees, even though the binder is only 250. They have no biting, as in the previous two cases, so the stone wool is most commonly used for insulation of walls and roofs in residential construction.

But apart brittle fibers potential danger to human health, according to organizations fighting for environmental cleanliness of dwellings, lies in the carcinogenic properties of mineral wool fibers.In the production of mineral wool used binder - formaldehyde resin, which can release formaldehyde into the surrounding space.

Opinion state health department

Studies have shown that harmful emissions do occur, but their concentration in a room no higher than that of the particle board.Moreover danger is not all fiber, and only those having a thickness less than 3 microns and a length greater than 5 microns.Surprisingly, the chemical composition of the fibers themselves do not matter.It has most of these parameters asbestos fibers mineral wool, which is now discontinued.

avoid harm to their health, experts recommend to buy the insulation of mineral wool from major manufacturers who produce material based on state standards and not your own specifications.For greater certainty, you can ask about the presence of certificates regulatory organizations (SEZ Rospotrebnadzor).Carcinogenic influence can be avoided if the use of mineral wool in the form of plates.The main demand of the state Department of Health is the prohibition on the use of mineral wool in the free form.It is important to make installation, with careful subsequent waterproofing.If doubts still arise, it is best to choose other, more environmentally friendly in the insulation.