Renounce usual demeanor.

in everyone's life there are moments.when discouraged, do not want to.At this time, try to stop thinking about the same, make the switch itself to other cases.give yourself to escape and relax.After a pause, you can come fresh and a good solution to your problems.
Faced with adversity, focus on the fact of any losses, in spite of everything, yet was able to escape.For example, a reprimand is much better than dismissal.
Try when evaluating other people to avoid shortcuts.

see anything good can in every person.It is possible that a neighbor who is rude to you every morning at the meeting, with astonishing tenderness about his cat, and the boss had a special weakness for flowers.Such discoveries will help build relationships with other people.
Go to "standby".

Sometimes it is the most successful way to survive the hard times.To see all the pluses and minuses difficult situation it is useful to observe the situation.At any offense, there is one very good feature: it is forgotten or reinvented.Remember that smart people do not take offense, smart people make conclusions.even when life happens far joyless changes should not panic.
"Smile - it's all annoying."

If you have a bad mood, just go to the mirror and smile.A person with high self-esteem positive surrounding is perceived as a strong personality, with ample opportunities.Smile attracts friendly people, spiteful critics, on the contrary, pushes.if you use this simple tool every day, your life will become much more bright moments.
Try to always be in the thick of things.

active life position allows a person to control many aspects of life.Communicate more with other people interested in their affairs, be up to date.Move more.then you will have more room to maneuver.
support those who are weaker.

good remedy for melancholy is to pay attention to the one who is even harder and try to help him.For example, if you do not have a relationship with a close friend, call a friend (friend), which alone more than one year.Suggest together create on a dating site.Become a cheerleader!
move more.

good way to lift your spirits and relieve stress - physical activity, either.Clean the house at home with your favorite music and dance, run through or start to set records in any sport.After shaking up the physical to the human body once again ready to fight.