health and energy

for full human existence in this world, it is necessary to good health with a sufficiently powerful energy.But it looks really healthy person?If you wake up in the morning difficult, lethargy present day and in the evening do not want anything, and that's all to fall on the couch watching TV - this indicates that there is no health.Energy, in this case, is only enough to maintain the measured life.But imagine the bent old woman, going barely moving his feet.But here is something incredible: it occur to a great idea, and she suddenly jumped up and ran skipping, then jumped high and slicing through the air with his hand, shouting "Yes!".This is the way to really feel healthy person.

How is energy

physiological energy is spent only on action.A circulating in the body of free energy determines the vitality, mood, desire, and is emitted into the surrounding space.Its deficiency leads to various diseases.Significant embezzlement free energy cause: stress, negative thoughts and emotions - anger, hatred.Different energy "credits" such as alcohol, tobacco, etc.Tense muscles - they hamper circulation of the free flow of energy.It is normal for distorted.Because of this, the interference introduced into the radiation field.For example, internal stresses man caught in relaxed company and without saying a word, at once can change the overall mood.This voltage is as though hangs in the air;so people who are not aware, perceive the negative energy.

Conversely, people with good health overflowing with free energy attracts all positive.Its all interested, he knows it all.To it draws with it easily and safely.People feel at ease with such a man, and do not even know why.So positive energy is transmitted.

But all this is mainly random.In order to transmit their energy to others intentionally, we need some understanding.The life of any man - is nothing more than a dream, and he is at the mercy of circumstances.Realizing this and woke up, he begins to influence the course of events.All the power of intention in mindfulness.And this power is always a person in service, if he remembers.So in order to deliberately transfer energy to another, you have to start it in sufficient quantities and have a conscious intent to influence what is happening around.