Almost all problems are rooted in the fact that people have a problem with time.More precisely, in his perception.Failure to properly dispose of precious minutes unsettling, discouraged and Prorva Affairs and remains in the pages of the diary.And so, day after day.As a result, the desire to do anything at all is lost.Of course it prevents success and undermines faith in their own strength.

In fact, the lion's share of time spent on a completely empty experience.For example, many people love to plunge into the past and compare it with the present.Well even if pleasant memories.But some people like to remember their mistakes and failures.Time can not rotate, fix nothing happens.A heavy burden of past failures will pull back.It is better to send all their mental strength on the immediate problems.After all, we have to live the present, not the past.And part of the time travel is fraught with isolation from reality.The past - forever.About him not to be pitied, they can not revel.From it you can only learn the lesson and move on.

Constant thoughts about the future, too, can play a cruel joke.In fact, the future does not exist - it is something abstract and nobody knows what awaits him in the future.The real person is living in the present, the better will be his future.Building plans are endless funny and silly, because circumstances often do not add up the way you want.Dreaming, of course, you need to - it can not be entirely without.Only need to be able to stop in time and not to turn his life into an empty dream.After all, to realize them, we must first come down from heaven to earth.

Even worse, when a man sees his future only in black and gray tones.Even if this is not very good, in the future the situation will change.Moreover, often in the most unexpected moment.And if you wait for all the wrong time, it is possible and self-fulfilling.After all thought, all the same, material.Therefore, it is necessary to take care of the future, but do not worry about it.

infinite desire to do everything leads, unfortunately, to the opposite effect.People - not robots.They do not have five arms, no three goals.So no need to take on the amount of work that does not fulfill the strength and four.Housework, work, family, children, parents and friends - all and all need time.But the effort in time everywhere, as well as an attempt to do five things at once can result in nervous exhaustion.It is much more important to be consistent in its actions and to accept that it is impossible to do everything.It is better to learn how to prioritize cases than trying to do everything at any cost.The fee may be too high.

Many factors responsible for the quality of life: it is the circumstances and personal qualities, and living conditions.But increasingly determine the fate of the habits that prevent or live fully, or help to build a happy future.So no need to worry about what was and what is going to happen.We must make good use of the present.