strict mother.The child is too strict mum grow obedient, careful and diligent.Out of fear or habit, it will be a good student and a conscientious worker.Polite and modest, he will not dream of a great, dreaming of glory or a stunning success.And even if you fall in love with the prettiest girl in the class, I would never dare admit it in this.He can not tolerate the thought that a girl of his notice.And she would have noticed ...
If the son of a little more than vanity, healthy recklessness, finally, just confidence.And a little less fear and inferiority complex.In this case, not only the woman would pay attention to him, but the chief.But you never know who else!And the whole life might have been different.

Snow Queen usually always very busy at work, because they take a very responsible position.Many of them believe that in order to earn the respect of a son or daughter, you need at least lead the firm to sign international contracts, or, at worst, to fly into space.
Snow Queen bring in children from an early age independence, struggling to instill in them a sense of responsibility and self-service skills, which in itself is fine, but ... Being a mom designated adult when sheit is decided, and the independent years had some sort of seven or eight, the little man, having cried more than once in a pillow from a lack of emotional warmth, or it becomes as cold and stingy on the senses, as a mom, or an ordinary neurotic.However, very rarely still meet people who have somewhere in my heart does not lie light shadow children's resentment at a very busy mom, who was never at home, no matter how out with the word "eternity".