Make a list of possible risks.Says Van Tharp, your list must contain at least 100 points.List is necessary to work out a specific project.If you are planning to organize a holiday home can turn off the light.When the milk boils, can the phone rang, because you miss what is happening on the plate.All that can occur suddenly - it risks , which is prepared in advance.
For each item write down some ways you can close this risk.How can I respond to a phone call?Ignore until the milk boils, then call back.Turn off the stove, set aside a pot of milk to the side, just to answer the call.Exclude occurrence of the situation, which always turn off your phone before boiling milk (assuming this is possible).Here are three scenarios.Similarly, it is necessary to paint each risk.
Select in each case the best way to respond.All three methods are good and acceptable, but must select only one.
Mentally rehearse every possible situation and your best response to it.All that mentally rehearsed, and then will appear automatically.All the 100 cases should be scrolled in the head.Each event must be completed mentally as you planned.
Periodically review and update the list.There could be new risks .Everything should be under control.