you need
  • Perform the following criteria, which are used for the preservation of peace.
salvation of the world as a whole is reduced to in order to reduce consumption of resources.Every citizen of Earth can accomplish this feat.Strategies for keeping the peace:

- house;

- transport;

- office;

- nature;

- food and health;

- lifestyle.
House.Do not forget to turn off the lights and pull the plug out of all outlets (use energy-saving lamps).Avoid the use of plastic, and it will be a difficult decision (razors, lighters, pens, toys, disposable tableware).Economical use writing paper and printing paper (if possible abstain from buying paper books).
Transport.Prefer the bike, as well as transport, which use gasoline (trolley buses and trams).When buying a car, choose a car with a minimum cost of fuel as well as diesel engines.Replace the exhaust purifying filter.Do not park the car on the lawn.
Office.Try to turn off appliances rather than leave in standby mode.Economical use paper, do not make extra copies of documents (preferably both sides).Prefer copies scanner, copier instead.
Nature.When leaving for a picnic, try to remove all the rubbish behind.Also, do not wash your car at the nearby rivers.Try not to burn the leaves and plastic products.It is best to elevate the land tree planting.
Health.Try not to use any means of chemistry (cosmetics, detergents).Prefer foot elevation to your floor.If possible, give up meat.
Lifestyle.Indulge in the use of alcohol, drugs and tobacco.The main rule - a healthy lifestyle.Exercise, throw a little jog, take part in the clean and sorties on the nature and the mountains.Try as little as possible to contaminate the environment.