For almost 9 years TNT happy (or upset) their viewers by showing the reality show Dom-2.In the world there is no one who has not heard about the miracle house.Someone like this show, someone denounces its creators and participants.But no one is still unknown when the project ends.

Rumors about the closure of the House-2 went for a no time.A few years ago, this issue was discussed even at the level of the Moscow City Duma.There were even "brave", which attempt to achieve the end of boring telestroyki, tossing her territory homemade vzryvoustroystva.

House-2 will close February 13, 2013, and who made the decision?Dmitry Medvedev?Such rumors "walk" on the World Wide Web, called the Internet.Yes, yes, rumors and not otherwise, because even on the official site of the project, which has already become the second "Santa Barbara" is not full of text with this outstanding event.The same applies to the creators of the project, they are also "mute as a fish."But if you delve into these rumors, so to speak with a "head"?Immediately it becomes clear that those who live Dom-2, can not live without this show and the day.And why?It seems to have to look for someone: for the neighbor and his wife for a friend and his girlfriend, after all, for him and his second half.But in fact the opposite is true: we turn on the TV, sit in a comfortable chair with a pre-prepared sandwiches and delve into the lives of those others who are playing on the other side of the screen.It sounds ridiculous, even strange, but people are like that - we see and can not come off, because staging the show is so competent that it becomes like a reality.And why do we like to spy on other people's problems?

According to psychologists, the answer is not so simple.The fact is that everyone secretly wants to spy on the life of another, and a reality show now gives the feeling of "keyhole".Even doctors do not deny the fact that there are so-called voyeurism - a passion for voyeurism.It is because of this House-2, and all similar projects will not be closed until such time as humanity does not cease to spy or not come to an end.End of the world may come, but we do not stop to pry ever, so the House-2 is never closed, except that the name change to House-3.