enemies must know in person.The smell of sweat can be caused by various reasons, both related to personal hygiene and certain diseases.You have to understand that even a morning shower and deodorant is sometimes not enough to smell does not appear within a few hours.Rather, his "source" is unaware of his "fragrance" or can not cope with it.And, sure, it does not smell bad at all.So try to put yourself in his place, before taking any action.

Best of all, if you just say to his friend, a friend or colleague, that he has a problem with sweating, and it creates discomfort for others.Hints may be perceived incorrectly, or even aggressive.Plugging nose demonstrative sprinkling of air freshener and discussions behind will not bring the desired result.At the same time, you run the risk of spoiling relations with a good man, and to pass rude.

conversation should take place in private in a relaxed atmosphere.You can say, "Look, I'm embarrassed to talk about it, and in any case do not want to offend you, but lately from you the smell of sweat.I know that we are for a sometimes do not notice it, who does not happen.But you definitely need to take some measures to deal with the smell. "

You are free to look around on the internet and find helpful tips to combat odor and perspiration.Speaking mention this as a personal experience or the experience of your loved ones: "I too early terribly worried because of the smell, and then she became" Nepoteykoy "use (visit the doctor / became increasingly taking a shower), the problem is instantly disappeared".If Comrade claims not to tolerate "any chemistry," he advised natural antiperspirants, slices of lemon, baking soda, etc.

It also happens that the unpleasant odor overtakes us in public places and transport.You are quite familiar with fragrant citizen and wants to escape from it for a kilometer.In this case, really is better to retire.You can open a window or go away, but it is better to refrain from caustic comments on the whole bus.It is unlikely that this person has the ability to get off at the next stop and take a shower, and your words disgrace him before others.

Be tolerant, but do not try your patience.If the problem can be solved, it needs to be solved.Most likely, you will only be grateful.