you need
  • - computer;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - business directory of your city;
  • - phone.
Decide why you need a psychologist.Typically, a psychologist specializing in some specific issues, such as family relationships, adolescent psychology.Understanding your goals, you can better choose a specialist.
If your school or organization has a staff psychologist, sign up to see him.Typically this can be done simply by using a personal visit.In certain cases, such as if it is a school psychologist, the visit will be free.
If you need urgent advice, for example on the issue of acute stress, drug abuse or suicide, call the "hotline".In this case, you will receive an initial consultation immediately without losing time on preliminary record.There are both federal and regional numbers that you can call for emergency psychological assistance.An example of such a service in Moscow - "Free Crisis Hotline" call to Moscow free number 988-44-34.Po the same number in some cases you will be able to register for a personal consultation with a psychologist.
In that case, when you can wait for the advice, take seriously to the choice of a specialist.Find you a suitable psychologist specialization in business directory of your city.For example, psychologists often work at private medical centers.Try to find reviews of selected specialist Internet.Such information is usually given to the theme of psychological forums.Full information from the Internet can not be trusted, but at least you can get general information about the selected specialists.
finally decided on the choice psychologist call or go to the medical center or the center of psychological care personally.So you can make an appointment at the appropriate time for you.Assign a visit to a psychologist so that you have sufficient time remained after consultation - it may take longer than you plan.