Firstly, your abuser may have no idea that someone at him for something offended.So does it make sense to take offense at someone who never did not even know?If you want to clarify the situation, tell him about your feelings, but do not use the expression of convictions and phrases like, "I feel hurt.I hate when you do so-and-so or not doing what I expect from you. "
Get rid of the emotion is completely impossible.You can talk about them, but do not expect from others that they are something you need or obligation.Think of a good attitude to you as a gift, as a sign of sympathy or anything, but just not as immutable reality, derogable.
If you are offended by a man because he did not live up to your expectations, keep in mind that people can not read your mind.If you are expecting that people will go some way towards you, you try to ask him about it, or at least hint.Wait for others to guess your desires, and even offended when this does not happen, just silly.
probably offended you, man inadvertently touched a sore spot for you.Before you take offense, consider whether it is consciously made, or rather it happened by chance, "without a second thought" on his part.Even if he is deliberately insulting I told you the truth in the eye (because very often people take offense to it unpleasant for them the truth), thank him for it.
Recognize, for example, that in his words there is truth, and moved out of the situation something useful for themselves.Perhaps it is that for which you need to work, and you do not dare to admit to myself that it is really necessary.In addition, if a person is honest with you, not spreading rumors behind his back, it is worthy of respect.
If you are offended by a stranger with whom you have nothing in common (pushed in transport, stepped on the foot, and so forth.) And you probably never see again, the best to take it with humorand forget.But if it is a conflict with a close friend or relative, is unlikely to do without speaking "from the heart".Start a conversation yet only when the emotions subside and you will be able to speak calmly, without mutual accusations and recriminations.