main rules scandal

Unfortunately, modern life does not exclude scandals.Communication with others is often forced to what is necessary to be able to fend for themselves.Surely, everyone in my life thought about how not to cross the line beyond which a person ceases to be a social creature and turns into a vicious monster.Therefore the problem of how to swear is very urgent.

First and foremost, you must learn to control himself.Keep in mind that any explosive scandal sooner or later lead to the moment, after which it will be difficult to control his actions.Therefore, we must learn to control themselves and time to interrupt the scandal.Most effectively, any situation will be resolved only when passions subside and the negative emotions will not be as pronounced.

learn not to save a grievance.Accumulating heavy load, sooner or later they will turn into a huge scandal.A much greater effect can be achieved by discussing the problem immediately after its occurrence in a relaxed atmosphere.

always try to choose the right time and place for a showdown.This is particularly important, becauseOtherwise, the desired result will not be able to receive.For example, late for work husband will hear your pleas for help, no matter how convincing they were not.

right words

is no less important in the decision of any matter to use the correct words and phrases.Try to carefully select individual words and sentences.Your goal in any disagreement should be the ability to make further developments have occurred in your direction.Therefore, it is worth considering that the offending person will lead to the opposite result, because the offended person is likely to do everything in spite of you.

Your speech should be calm.It is not necessary to prove their case aggressively and avoid the use of talking scandal provoking phrases.For instance, very often leads to scandal phrases such as "to talk to you does not make sense", "what are you selfish" or "you do anything not fit."Try not to move away from the main topic of conversation, do not remember the past grievances.Otherwise, all perepletetsya and as a result, the conversation did not lead to anything good.

never mentioned during an argument about third parties.Relatives and friends should not be the subject to clarify the relationship.This is due to the fact that you make peace, and inverted relatives for a long time you will not be able to forgive.