woman very difficult to take the initiative in relation to men.It is always accompanied by anxiety and excessive emotionality.That is why the word failure should sound the most correct and respectful, without any share of ridicule and taunts.Calm and boasting tone will ensure the mutual understanding and trust relationships with each other.
If she did not initially seen as a potential partner in the relationship, it is not necessary to say "you're not my type."It definitely hurt her self-esteem and lower.Be gentler, without prejudice to the merits of women who say, "My heart already belongs to another" or "I'm not ready for a serious relationship."These words do not cause negative as meaningful and logical.
Words failure must be thought out and justified.It is desirable that this conversation was the first and the last (with regards to relationships), that is all priorities must be placed immediately.Avoid vague words: I do not know, maybe, maybe, and the like.Excluding these revolutions will bring clarity of meaning, conversation Buda wear affirmative, clear and complete.
During the call, it is best to look straight into the eyes of interlocutor in any case not omitting look at the floor or worse to heaven (in this case, they obviously did not help).Direct open look will demonstrate sincerity and downcast and hidden impress a certain aloofness and indifference to the partner.
last words should show the location of the woman, and sound like a mini-compliment.For example, "I am very pleased that I'm calling you have such pure feelings," "you're so brave, not afraid to me to say this, did not hide anything," "I would not want to see this conversation spoil our friendship,because you become very dear to me. "It will brighten up a negative feeling from the conversation and add positive emotions.