Living on a volcano

Part of childhood tantrums is due to a genetic predisposition, brain injuries, birth defects, and so on. N. Then a little love and care - child needs medical care, special treatment.But sometimes parents justify their mistakes hyperactivity children of education, even if such a diagnosis to him and none of the doctors did not put.And even trying to suppress its machines, bought on the advice of a pharmacist.But in every situation need look the part.And look professional.

Very often, parents do not hold back emotions at the child.Scandals can raise a hand against a loved one.And most often it enters the kid if he gets a hot hand.Often you can see, my mother rather than to console the fallen child slaps his cries and promises to quit if he did not stop crying.Is it any wonder that the boys and girls in these families are able to express emotions just screaming and fighting?Add to that the feeling of the uselessness of the child when he was born unwanted, or sex, or not at the moment ... Or his inconsistency parental expectations: like brisk brave little girl, and she was by nature an introvert and phlegmatic.

inability to express the feelings of a child leads to aggression and other traumatic situations for him.This can be a best friend moving, transfer to another school, death of a loved one or the birth of a younger brother, who has now become the center of attention in the family.

real or make-believe?

Separate conversation - the impact on the child's behavior inappropriate for his age, games or movies.Parents often notice that enthusiastically cartoons, where a lot of screaming and fights like substitute children.They often cry, fight, sleep poorly.The age labeling on games and movies introduced by chance.Too violent scenes can greatly affect a child, no matter how old he was.So, five years and are able to scare drawn fight, even if they win the good heroes.A teenager will be harmful computer games with plenty of blood and murder.

Young children simply do not understand that in the movie and cartoons all make-believe, they see what is happening on the screen as a reality.Therefore, they can experience real pain if their character in the game injured, or sincerely believe that the jump from the roof of the house is not lethal.Older children, though understand unreality, they deposited in the subconscious mind permission to dangerous actions.They can beat someone just for fun, because the game've done this a thousand times, and for them it was nothing.Moreover, in the game injured or killed the enemy does not die in reality - just disappears.

win the trust

help your child to overcome the aggression is not only possible, but necessary.Try to spend more time with children, interest in their affairs, but at the same time, do not do this arbitrarily, not push them.Learn to understand and express their feelings.To begin, of course, you need a very early age.My daughter has a boy who took her shovel?Suggest a girl say that she does not like such behavior little friend that she would give him a toy later, but for now she and her most needed.In general, let alternative.

sometimes throw a rage helps elementary physical discharge.Buy your child a punching bag, write in the sports section.But more importantly, follow their own behavior.As you talk to people in the household?The answer to rudeness or aggression Seller conductor on the bus?What words call other drivers, if you sit behind the wheel?After all, children copy elementary behavioral matrix parents.If you feel that you do not manage yourself, get an opportunity to solve the problem with a psychologist or therapist.