Why conflicts or energy vampirism

many years I take a great interest in psychology and bioenergy.Surprisingly, they are very closely related.And I visited an interesting idea, which I want to share with readers.

Everything in the world is done for the sake of power.

Energy give us emotions.Many of communicating with each other, experiencing positive emotions and, therefore, receive positive energy.But some people, for whatever reason are not able to communicate on the positive, and the energy they produce is somehow necessary.And they begin to exhaust their loved ones, showing them his displeasure.The two sides are experiencing anger, resentment and other negative emotions, and "vampire" just what you need.Probably many noticed that some people after a quarrel feel better.This is what they got energy.Now they have everything in order, and they can safely go on for some time until the stored energy is exhausted.

Thus, conflicts need to provide energy to those people who can not get it in the positive communication, more often, simply does not know how to communicate positively.

The more attention given to any conflict (including the military), the more the emotions people experience in relation to the conflicting parties, the longer it will last confrontation, because it is fueled by energy.

protect against these vampires can be.You just have to stay calm, even though it may not be easy.But it is possible to go further and use the positive "reprogramming" vampire.To do this, you need to send him a positive emotion, for example, or to thank sincerely happy for him.In response to positive more often as we get a positive.For example, if someone is humanly asked you about something, and even thanked in advance, you are unlikely to refuse him.

So make a better world - in our hands, you just need to tune in to a positive and give it to others.