focusing on the physical and mental education of the child, the parents do not think about what the child needs and social growth.Preschool childhood is characterized by extreme emotional children, which can be caused by a sense of responsibility for the new social role.

First, a shy child is determined by the evaluation of adult expectations.Random statement kindergartener having a negative connotation, can result in low self-esteem of the child.To teach the baby to pay less attention to the categorical adult, you must train his critical thinking, as well as an adequate analysis of the situation.

Second, the child may be permanently pursue expectation of failure.This situation can be prevented by playing multiple potentially negative situation.This should be done in a relaxed atmosphere alone with the child.Alternatively, consider a baby of people who are successful in a particular field.Perhaps the preschooler set him up as an example and will be able to overcome those qualities that interfere follow the ideal.

Third, often the child is afraid to attract the attention of an adult.Seeing this, remember that in this situation must be given more time to study the dialog communication.There are many techniques for mastering this skill, ranging from verbal exercises and ending with the plot-role-playing games.

Fourth, be wary if a child does not let anyone in the intimate personal zone.Its diameter is about 100 centimeters.To overcome this, take the child's creative activities.It is best to take a child dancing or similar activities which have direct contact with people.

Fifth, give your child independence.Start with simple cases, encourage him alone obscure bed, dressed, clean up the room.Show your child for it feasible requirements.When a child realizes that does its job, it will give them confidence in their strength and confidence in his future endeavors.