Every woman should know that her beautiful and deep soul and a rich inner world of a man will consider later.Firstly, it will evaluate its external data.Therefore, if you want to make a strong impression (which usually occurs at the beginning of dating), consider the smallest details of his wardrobe, makeup, etc.And do not get me wrong it is for men.These are their features, incorporated by Mother Nature.Later, you can show them how much you're well-read, educated and intelligent.And the man you will appreciate even more.
Emphasize all the advantages of your figure and try to hide the flaws.This can be done easily with the help of properly selected odezhdy.Naprimer if you complete or bow legs, do not wear a short skirt.If you are proud of beautiful breasts, pick outfit with a plunging neckline.
No wonder they say: "Eyes - mirror of the soul."Eyes, eyes can tell a lot about a person.You can make a tremendous impression , if successfully emphasize the shape of the eyes, or unusual color with the help of make-up.
Pay attention to the hair.Woman with unwashed and unkempt hair are unlikely to be able to make a good impression the man.But the silky and shiny hair or unusual and stylish styling will not leave anyone indifferent man.
you will make an impression , but not at all what to expect if you come on a date with broken or dirty fingernails.Take care of your hands.
no secret that more than half of the male population prefers girls slender, with long legs and big breasts.Although there are different.If you aspire to make a terrific impression his companion, work on her figure.It can be modeled by a special set of exercises designed to work a particular muscle group.For example, it is possible to pump the chest muscles through exercises with dumbbells.
But do not overdo it with exercise.Still more impression of a strong half of mankind produce weak and gentle woman, not teenage girls, and especially not inflated and mannish women.