To understand what happens to the body and the human psyche in times of stress, you need to determine what exactly is this stress and how it happens.Stress is called destructive biochemical processes, which are formed in the human body under the influence of all sorts of unusual factors.Themselves, these factors may be very different, positive and negative.The emergence of positive stressors also somewhat disrupts the normal functioning of the body, but most often referred to as a stress useful, as it tones the body and stimulates its activity.But the negative stressors lead to psycho-physiological changes, sometimes quite serious.
Stress - is a very difficult time when a person must, first of all, to survive: this is how this process looks nature.For this reason, under the influence of stress in humans initially produced adrenaline.In fact, it happens more often than you think, because life is full of stress.Problems begin when a person ceases to cope with these challenges, and the body is tired of perpetual tension.
During stress under the influence of adrenaline activates the nervous system, which triggers further biological script called "stress."Its main consequence is the body's attempt to exert all senses as much as possible.The pupils are dilated to process as much as possible of incoming information.Attention increases, since any change may indicate deterioration and the need for emergency response.The rumor is getting better.The nose feels all the smells.For this reason, the perception becomes more acute, the person at the biochemical level in all possible ways captures information about what is happening and how to cope with the situation.But modern man under stress all the details clearly manifested usually just annoying.Nervous tension and increased sensitivity often leads to the fact that stress only increases.
addition of perception, and the other changes relate to the functional characteristics of the organism.Strain muscles, since all the power you need, according to the body, throw on something to keep active the most important thing.It suppresses the activity of the important mechanisms of self-regulation.It starts worse working immune system, white blood cell count drops.It would seem, why this is so, because in times of stress, people need the exact opposite?The reason is that stress for many thousands of years of evolution in humans was only one type: the danger of which may be run.The wild beast, a natural disaster, an unsuccessful hunting or aggressive representative of its kind: with any stress from this group can be managed if very quickly move your feet.
active social life of human beings have appeared not so long ago.Specialists evolution argue that a rapid development of the human species was due to public attitudes that made the brain very rapidly.Evolutionary mechanisms that emerged long before the socialization of living beings, against people sometimes give a little strange effect, as a way of life far removed from the natural human nature.