Like a bird without wings

Many people live just take care and do not build grandiose plans for the future.They do not think of something to dream and look at life calmly and realistically.Such people are happy that the work there is no hassle, and their families are healthy and happy.But as far as life without dreams can be interesting and exciting?

In practice, all the plans are reduced to feeding their families to save money and go on vacation or buy something for the house.Daily routine and worries about the future can not inspire the person and make his life vivid and memorable.All actions are performed mechanically and do not represent a great value.

When dreams are born

Dream, by contrast, inspires and gives meaning to every single day.When a person has a purpose, his life becomes like a fascinating journey.From childhood dream is a powerful motivation for self-development.First, the child tends to study hard to get the promised prize for success in school.Later, his dreams are becoming more serious and global.

while another child may not need to something to dream, because his affluent parents try to anticipate all desires.As a result, the value of lost dreams.The life of these children painted for many years to come: what will be the college, a wife and a job.However, in the absence of an external well-being of their own goals do not make life truly happy and bright.

palette of colors from the creator

With the ability to make people dream of opening, aims to set new records and leave a memory and benefit for all mankind.In a sense, dreams - is the engine of progress.Talented scientists first hypothetically speculate it would be good to invent electricity, car or anything else.Zagora idea of ​​bold dreams they create a reality that brings joy and others, and himself.Moving towards a dream, a person is aware of the importance and uniqueness of each day we live.His life is a bright palette of colors.With a dream a person has a desire to live and work, to create the world and improve it.

man who has lost the ability to dream, to become a pessimist or a pragmatist.In the first case, he is disappointed in all the world and is seeking all negative.And in the second, life resembles a cold calculation, where the main goal - to benefit from any circumstances.This life can not be called a bright and exciting.