emotional life emerges even in utero when the fetus receives is subtle feeling for him.And some especially emotional response may be laid as early as this period.

Further developing the emotional sphere in which they live events in the life of the child.And there may be situations when there is an emotional child enclosure from other people.This may be caused trauma, conflict, dysfunctional family situation, serious illness, and more.

If one day greatly disturbed the natural process of emotional response, the emotional sphere and the man collapses like closed in itself.

Of course, he does not become completely insensitive, but to share the emotions and take them becomes very difficult.

can suggest a few ways to change this situation.


One of the most effective ways - psychological work with the specialist.If you can find and work out the situation that caused the emotional blockage, you can gradually stop to restrain emotional displays.

happens sometimes quite dramatically, because emotion becomes defective after the situation when a person could not survive the strong, often negative emotions.And now we have to go back to this event, and with new resources and a new perception of an adult mind to go again this story razminiruya those emotions, which were deeply depressed.

Creative activities aimed at the expression of emotions

Another way to liberate frozen emotions are all creative activities.It can be dance, painting, theater or oratory.In all of these sessions it takes emotional expression and sooner or later will be affected by the emotions that restrained until that time.Especially effective in this case, the forms of creative expression that are associated with psychological work such as art therapy, dance movement therapy, filmoterapiya etc.


Emotionally private person has difficulty interacting with society.You can change the situation on the other end.If you start to build this interaction is active, that is, to establish and maintain new social connections, for example, engage in the promotion of any socially useful projects to participate in the volunteer movement, the chain will begin to line up another, more harmonious emotional component that connects the communication with otherspeople.An example is the teaching or organizational activities.

Here it is only important to find a niche in which it would be interesting to carry out this activity.The rest will do time.