Most people judge that there is sentimental man by the way he behaves.But no less important is the fact that a person feels.And therein lies an important difference between the sexes: men try to keep their feelings, while women do not hesitate to open their show.Man thinks that shed a tear if he moved, will be a manifestation of weakness, but for a woman it is quite common.
testosterone - the male hormone - allows representatives of the stronger sex to control the expression of their feelings.Of course, no hormones can not beat feelings or to cope with them, but to help them cope with the symptoms - it is possible.Therefore, even if the man's face looks impenetrable in his soul he can do real storm.But not the fact that it is you that ever tell.
Another feature of the male psyche that they are much less about feelings than women.After all, in order to show emotions, it is important to be aware of and pay attention to them in their thoughts.Women are willing to do it.Feelings, emotions, and relationships with people is very fond of them, as an interesting game.Therefore, half of humanity is given a great relationship with the head, the girl thought, "Why does not he call?How does he feel?What is he thinking? "And men sometimes do not give themselves the report that is happening to them.The mood was upbeat, joy at the sight of a certain girl ... Why would it?
man with childhood taught to hide and hide their feelings, so even boys with gentle sensitive character forced to "conform" to the masculine image.Strong floor must be strong."The softness and sentimentality is not allowed, otherwise what am I a man?" - So they think.At the same time, men such character traits as softness, tenderness and subtlety of perception are very common, about as often as women.Simply, they are used to hide emotions, as they consider their "unmanly".
If your man behaves sentimental, and he is able even to cry when watching a sad movie with you, it means that you are lucky.Those men who are able to sympathize and empathize, who does not deliberately block the emotions, able to understand not only his woman, but also other people around them.
manifestation of sentimentality - sometimes it's a real problem for men, but women themselves partly contribute to this state of affairs.Many of them want to close was a kind of Superman, who is afraid of nothing and always strong.But the real living people such does not happen.Therefore it is impossible to reproach her man if he shows signs of humanity.Similarly, for the same reasons, if your son is crying, you can not deny him this, saying that real men do not cry.