more dangerous strong emotions

with negative emotions everyone copes differently.Someone better and some worse.Some are easy to find them a way out without harm to themselves or others, and others do not even know how to do it, and store all in itself.The accumulation of excessively strong emotions can cause serious stress and psychological disorders, so we should get rid of them.


If you are someone very offended - try to forgive.Make yourself for something like a daily ritual.Goodbye little things, errors, serious offense as long as you do not become easier.Usually only one or two months.

paper - your best friend.Throw it all that you are concerned and that raises strong emotions, and then burn it, imagining that all the bad things disappear and dissolve in flames.

including a very loud fast music, start to move to the beat of her.Jump, swing arms and twist your hips, dance the way you want."Turn off the" bad thoughts and fully surrender power groovy music without thinking about anything more.This exercise will help throw out the accumulated emotions, make you calmer.

Scream loud and long until you feel relief.It is possible to play music loudly or to retire somewhere in nature, so as not to disturb others and not put on public display problems. If really bad, you can still cry, it also helps.

Another option - a sport.Fast running, push-ups, sit-ups, swing press, swimming in the pool - everything that you are able to release from strong emotions. not forget that sport is not only useful for inner peace, but also for the figure.

Practice the habit of thinking positively.Try not to blame, and not blame yourself, do not look for the bad in nature and appearance.Better think about what you are kind and sympathetic, as achieved in life, you appreciate friends and colleagues.Daily exercise to adjust itself to the good.

Meditate!It is important to be able to relax, to calm your subconscious.Work out in the breathing exercises, they will help to cope with bad feelings, and will be useful for the organism.

This is the most effective recommendations, and you only need to choose what fits best.Remember that it is important to always find the cause of their negative emotions.Ask yourself the question, "Why me, it hurts (angry, upset)?", "What should I do to fix this?".When you are able to answer them easily find a way out of the situation.