Check out the teachings of Porfiry Ivanov, if you are drawn to the Slavic spirit ovnym practices.Its basic principles hardening spirit and after hardening of the physical body are the way to achieve harmony in life.Follow the installation, which will help to awaken dormant reserve forces of the body, will learn to train your nerves and manage internal resources.The main provisions of this theory requires the following rules.
not to think about his good deeds.Always try to do good to people, and do not remind that helped.With this setting echoes oriental wisdom, which says: "Do good and throw it into the water."
Do with joy and good humor all that have to do.Creative work should bring satisfaction.
Do not smoke or drink - it destroys not only the body but also the soul.
Treat with a love of nature: it does not pollute, remember that we - part of it.
Fasting purifies the body and the brain, so Ivanov called once a week to starve, and on the other days to be moderate in the diet.Arrange a fasting days.
Walk barefoot - this activity restores energy, fueled by the new man.
poured cold water on a daily basis and try as often as possible to visit the open WHO spirit e.
If you are more impressed by Eastern teachings, the hardening spirit andYou can start with the basic principles of yoga that trains the body and learns to control emotions, in order to keep the thought.
Learn to meditate.This will help you in difficult moments of life quickly tune to the right wave and out of difficult situations with smaller losses.
Do not look for easy ways and learn to overcome obstacles, because, in the words of the author of Living Ethics EIRoerich, the human spirit growing difficulties, so the efforts made to overcome the difficulties, much more valuable than the success achieved.