adult life is no different variety.For most people it is - home, work, family, friends.As a child, there is an active knowledge of the world, every day, the child discovers new aspects of life, learning.Having reached a certain age and experience, starting to use familiar, and comfortable working patterns.Over time, our brains form strong neural connections, and no longer need to learn something new.We cease to grow and train your brain.We do a lot of things on the machine.Reduced ability of the brain to remember.For example, if you rarely use the muscles of the hands, it reduces the amount of muscle and biceps are smaller.The same thing happens with the brain.The more you use it, the longer it remains in good working order.Why is fantasy, not just memorizing numbers or solving crossword puzzles?Because, fantasizing, we will use both hemispheres (logical and figurative), and solving crossword puzzles, only one - the logical.
There are quite simple exercises help to develop imagination.They can be performed anywhere.They take a little time.Even standing in a traffic jam, you can easily deal with them.And some will approach both games for parties with friends or children.
Think of new ways to use familiar things.Find 10 variants of how to use a pencil?Draw.Anything else?Making massage of hands, be used instead of Punch, drumsticks, pointers, needles, something to stir to loosen the ground in a pot with a flower, like a sundial, a toy for a cat, etc.There is an unusual use of the most ordinary everyday things.

Look at the usual places for something new.When you go home and go to the staircase as steps on the front stairs?Do something special next to your apartment.What color door neighbors?How many floors in the house opposite?What color slides and swings at the playground, etc.Celebrate the little things and a variety of non-standard things.If you go to work on the same road, get other options.
treat people in transport and consider whom they could work.
What is their character.What movie role they could play in your favorite film, for example, about Stirlitz?What could they be interested?What does their clothes?
go to the store.Go to the store of unusual goods, take a completely unfamiliar object and think about how it is used, and then find out the answer from the seller.
Draw.Draw a picture in different styles and from any of the materials at hand.It does not matter, you know how to draw or not.Take the paint, pens, clay (and they, too, can make a picture), cereals, sand - create, as best he can.
compose.Think of poetry on someone's birthday, New Year, the first of April and just for no reason.It is not necessary to say that your verse.Another option - to come up with a story or any story.Write, dream, describe different parts, invent characters, their clothes, voices.
Find a place in your town where you have never been.Try to go to unfamiliar places at least once a month.Learn something unusual about your city and share it with your friends.When you tell stories, also trains the brain.