Remember that being late is not to be taken lightly, especially if they are chronic.Do not be surprised if your relationships with others are disappointed because of your constant delays.

do not come to an appointment on time, you Demonstrate the person who is waiting for you, that the value of his own time over time.You should not assume that once you have such a rich, eventful life.Your counterpart could also do useful things if I knew what is to come later.

In the end, your delay may adversely affect his career.If you force the partners expect that you are violating the code of business people.In the future, it can affect in a negative way on the deal.In addition, you can ruin his reputation and hurt the honor of your company.On you will respond as frivolous, unreliable person.


order to calculate the time it takes to get ready, you need to plan all actions and determine their duration.On this basis, mortgage time in which you have to meet.Be sure to follow the schedule.To do this, you can control every step and check whether you fit in at a time that is allocated to a particular action.

It can be difficult to calculate the time on the road.After all, traffic jams and increased ranges of public transport can make their own adjustments to your schedule.Therefore it is necessary, depending on the length of your route, to lay additional 10-40 minutes for the journey.If you are late and in this situation, it will be a one-off case.

not overestimate their capabilities.Some people want to get it all and as a result make others wait.If the work you need to go to a bank or a store, take this into account when scheduling an appointment with a friend or girlfriend.


If you understand that the delay is unavoidable, be sure to warn the person who is waiting for you.In no case do not have to lie to the person that you're close, if you are only halfway.Ultimately, though still open, and the mood of your interlocutor will be spoiled.

Write a message or call, apologize for being late and alert when you're really.When you appear, we should not pretend that nothing bad happened.Show that you really are sorry about his lateness.

Find a way to make amends.A compliment, a small treat or a little present may be helpful.So if you are not sure that will be able to calculate the correct time, it is better to prepare a small compensation for a friend who you have been waiting for.