man should not be hard to put out negative emotions, driving them deeper and diligently pretending that all is well.It is not only not solve the problem, but also can lead to a variety of diseases, including hazardous.Of course, we should not vent his bad mood on others, make a scene, scandals, fights.But some individual discharge is absolutely necessary.You can speak out at the meeting to a close friend, for example.There is nothing to be ashamed of, as long as each understood and listened to.Some men to run out, go to the gym.
If possible, have a rest, a change of scenery.At least short-term rest, new experiences can act positively, get rid of heavy thoughts.Ideally, it is better to go to the overseas tour.But the good will and recreation in the country, in the resort, hiking, walking through the woods or the park.
Plays an important role self-hypnosis.A man must convince himself: "Yes, now it's hard, but there is nothing irreparable had happened, still be corrected."It should be understood that the crisis - it is not death and not an incurable disease, if desired, and diligence, it can be overcome.
to crisis did not lead to depression, a man is vitally important to get positive emotions, wherever possible.Going to the theater, museums, concerts, meetings with friends - it's all good distraction from thinking about their problems.Can help and virtual communication in various forums, hobby new hobby.
Much depends on the behavior of relatives.They should be understanding, tolerance, do not be offended at the man, if he because of nervous tension does not behave in the best way, it becomes violent, picky.At the same time it is not necessary to meekly indulge or permanently sympathize.It will be a "disservice."Close people should inspire confidence in the man his best ability, that he can find a way out of this situation.You should not feel sorry for him, for pity - it is a very bad feeling.
And, of course, in any case can not seek solace in alcohol!More difficult to make a blunder.Do not deceive yourself by asserting: "I'm quite a bit, a little bit, just to relax and forget about the troubles."This position is a weak-willed person.If the situation does not stabilize, the man continues to be depressed, to visit a psychologist.