Try to constantly learn something new.Gaining knowledge - a great workout for the brain.Learn a foreign language every day and memorize a few new words.Do not just memorize them, and spend some associations to better remember, learn how they are used in a context with which prepositions are combined, and so on.
Get into the habit every day flipping encyclopedias or watching science-fiction movies.Various educational programs are available through the Internet, to help you develop your skills.Enroll in a master class, which has long wanted to visit.Attend training courses to expand their horizons.
persevere in the work over itself.If you pay attention to the training from time to time, the result will not be as effective as possible.Engage in regular, systematic.Set a plan of how much time you have each day to devote to exercise and stick to it.
Most go out of their comfort zone.For example, you can go home not the usual way and the other way.Try to brush your teeth with your left hand if you are right handed.Walk around the dome with his eyes closed, check how you navigate.Develop your ability to use both hands equally well.
do something atypical for themselves.For example, if you love comedies, make an exception once and look melodrama.Suddenly you enjoy.Try a new cuisine.If you are fond of martial arts, visit the tournament in ballroom dancing.If you like to relax on the beach, take a trip on the road, full of informative tours.
to think clearer and clearer, move around them in order.Ordered space will help you free up additional resources.Lay out all the stuff on the shelves in the closets, get rid of unnecessary stuff.Select an effective system of storage, try to arrange everything.Keep the in your home.
monitor their health.Sometimes exhaustion and fatigue adversely affect the ability to think.In order to think well, you need to get enough sleep.Sleep with maximum comfort at least 8 hours each day.Try to eat right.Harmful, canned, fatty foods deprive you of energy.And for the brain, it is very necessary.
Avoid harmful influence from the outside.There are things that contribute to the degradation of man.Talk shows, soap operas meaningless, useless pastime on the Internet does not completely develop your ability to think.Keep this in mind when choosing a leisure activity.