Sometimes in life it is that we are faced with some insoluble problem.It's like as if we were on our way we met a stone-pointer before branching several ways.And all the worn stone, all the inscriptions in an unknown language, while others simply washed away by rain and time.Sami path also does not say where they lead us.We look at other travelers, wherever they turn, but it is also not clear - they turned right or not.Or maybe, for someone chosen the correct path, and for me personally - no.And most importantly - do not understand where I want to eventually come.And here we are trying to decipher the inscriptions on the index, we pass a few meters on the same track, and like everything is not so bad, but the sun something was hot, flowers, some are not so, and everything like something is wrong, and we once againback to the index.

This state - a spiritual crisis - can take as a very little time, and years.In any case, even if this condition lasts only a few weeks, it is a very difficult period, exhausting, tiring and wears out much more of our resources than the heavy, full of obstacles the way forward.

However, such a condition is necessary for us.It is in this state, we have a choice of which path to choose.Indeed, it is better to spend more time than necessary, but choose for themselves the best way.But it must be understood that as long as we are in such a state, we are not only expend their own resources, but also try the patience of others, especially relatives.The most difficult period is presented for a second half or partner, and it is best to explain to him or her gently and patiently, in what state you are, especially if this state is prolonged.To partner could go through with you your condition, to endure, to wait.In order not to aggravate the crisis of its own.

then being able to find yourself the best solution, you must understand that no matter what choice you make, the first time the way in any case is heavy.Firstly, because you have already spent a lot of resources to make decisions, and secondly, you are unlikely to be able to count on the support of others, as has squandered his credibility, is still in decline, namely the so-seen around yourstate.

Being able to select, remember well that is almost impossible to accurately calculate the success and outcome of your way, try to rely more on intuition and getting pleasure from the way that you are going to choose.Also, think about the most important resource - time.You have to realize that no matter how it was, in any case, you must choose your way and begin to move on it.You can not stay in the stone.Staying at the stone - it's the only wrong choice, because this choice will only be wasting your resources - time and energy - without giving anything in return.

And the most important thing - being able to find yourself gloomy doubt pushing myself any choice and plunging into disappointment - remember, this is the most important stage on the path of life.In alchemy, this stage is called «Operari in nigero» - «Work in the black."This is the most difficult stage of laying the foundation.At this time our consciousness obsessed black doubt, loss and depression.We think that this is the end of all, we do not see the goals, results and meaning.At this stage, many alchemists refused to continue and gives up.Those who lived through the most difficult stage, after some time found that moving in the right direction and the efforts they have some meaning and purpose.

therefore be not grieved, look for yourself.The fact that you are in crisis and doubt, says that fate offers you a choice.But the chance is given not for everyone.Choose your path and move safely!Ahead - excellent results!