Gestalt therapy - a therapy developed in the XX century, Fritz Perls, founder of Gestalt psychology.The main goal of psychotherapy itself Perls called "conscious awareness" and believed that effective therapy should only possible to work with the present moment.According to Perls, this is possible only in the study of the actual problems.
This area of ​​psychotherapy can be called sensible and practical.The founder of Gestalt therapy was opposed to theorizing and claimed that his methods and ideas are applied, advocating for their practical application.In addition, Fritz Perls was a categorical opponent of self-knowledge through the mind.In Gestalt therapy intelligence it is not a means of self-knowledge, in contrast to the feelings and emotions.The main goal of the patient-therapist gestalt - learn to consciously live the current situation through their own emotions and feelings, to trust their own feelings, learn to live in the present.
The therapist's task - to help the client to integrate all parts of your image and your life into a single whole, as well as to work out the so-called unfinished gestalt.These unfinished gestalt (unexamined situation from the past), the founders of the method is considered the main cause of neurosis and anxiety.Pending the situation from the past does not allow a person to focus on the present, stir awareness and lead to suffering.With Gestalt therapist man learns to let go and work through its past, with the result that it has released enough psychic energy to work with the present moment.
During therapy the client and therapist work in tandem, resulting in the process revealed serious internal conflicts, the client learns to be aware of not only their emotions but also bodily experiences, creates a sense of inner integrity, learning independentlytake responsibility for their own lives and their own invaluable experience.From the office of Gestalt therapist leaves the client, finding not only new knowledge but also new sensations and emotions that help him cope with internal conflict.