you need
  • - a sheet of paper.
thing you should always start with planning.The time spent on planning saves it in the performance of the action itself.Any goals written down on paper or in a notebook.Do not rely on your memory - tasks are not spelled out on paper, in reality does not exist.Write down what you have to do at work or around the house.Larger jobs divide into sub
If during the execution of the new cases show up, write them on the same piece of paper.Execution of the task is deleted from the list.Such plans can be for a day, week or year.Attributed dates that you give yourself to perform the task, and strive to catch the appointed time.This is a list of shopping.Write it in advance, you'll never buy anything extra and spend less time.
importance of all cases divided into 4 types: important and urgent;urgent but not important;important but not urgent;not important and not urgent.Decide chores: what type they correspond to.Designate by the letter A are the most important and less important - B, and so on, in alphabetical order.The priority task from the list under the letter A number put down.
perform the most important goals, without jumping to another.Ask yourself what you lose, do not fulfill the main thing, what would be the consequences of failure.And with persistence start to work.Having made her discover what cargo fell from your soul.Follow always that hot.Over time, some tasks will be removed from the list on the feeling of uselessness.The time management is important to understand what the purpose of a priority - is urgent.Follow written items in this order.
Learn to say no to people and businesses.If someone asks for help in a case which has no importance to you, and need to spend time - the answer is no, not the person, and the cause which he requests to perform.Just treat your unimportant cases, to kill time - switching channels, reading various media, lengthy conversations with colleagues.In general, got a big time savings.
Another rule in time management is to comply with the order on his desk.Only 30% of the time spent searching for the necessary documents to the paper loaded furniture.Just sort out all the documents to know the location of each and unnecessary trash - throw out in the trash.One of the main rules - let your holiday.Unable to do more of what the body is capable of.Such coercive business only exacerbate the situation and make a person nervous, leading to various diseases.