Try to understand that fear - it is a negative, destructive to your well-being and success of emotion.It is the fear of someone or something does not give you the opportunity to learn, to grow, to go up the career ladder.What you are missing opportunities because of this vile fear that prevents you from living a full life!Quite clearly imagine the fear, phobia - it is your greatest enemy.And gradually, but persistently begin to deal with it.
Try drawing your own.Psychologists believe that in the struggle with a variety of phobias one of the best assistants can be art therapy.It allows drawing a clear conscience, to splash out on paper the emotions and fears.So, take a big blank sheet, imagine your own and try to draw what he represents.
draw?Now take a sheet and tear it to pieces or burn it - whatever.The main thing is that to some extent you were stronger than his fear.
Learn to switch from their fear of the good, positive emotions.As soon as you feel that a phobia makes itself felt, think about the good things that can be.For example, you are afraid of enclosed space, but got stuck in the elevator.In no case do not think about the dark and cramped in the cabin!
Remember the most positive emotions for today, week, month.Think about the upcoming holidays, an exciting journey.Imagine how you will make a nice shopping.Believe me, the negative emotions and fear gradually gone by the wayside, the main thing - do not focus on their own account.
Use special breathing exercises.Are you afraid that you can not speak at the presentation or to answer the exam?Straighten your back, exhale all the air from the lungs and take a deep breath.Imagine that as you exhale, you release your own, and breathing - are gaining courage.And most importantly - do not be afraid, you will succeed!