1. Live in the present day

future is unknown, and the unknown is usually scary.So is it worth to peer into the murky distance?Is not it better to concentrate their forces on the present?Live only for today, and the problems of the future, leave in the future.To do this, constantly ask yourself: "What can I do to solve the problem it is today?ยป

2. Use a method to eliminate large numbers of irrational fears

main part of human fears are inherently irrational.As soon as an explosion in the subway, people have a phobia to use this transport.Undoubtedly, every tragedy is terrible, but in fact it does not change the degree of safety of underground transport.On the contrary, after the disaster experts are trying to make sure that it does not happen again.Try to put up with such consequences.Before you start to worry any case, ask yourself: what is the statistical probability that this event will happen?

3. Accept the result

Bad things happen, and will happen, unfortunately.Let's say you are afraid that you will be expelled from the university.Just sit quietly at the table and write what would happen if it will happen.You will remain without a diploma, the lost years of study, the money spent for education and so on. Now imagine that it happened.But you've got some knowledge during training, perhaps earned money somewhere.Try to get a job, and after a while to return to school part time.You will have to work, so after graduation, you will not need to engage in employment.

Bad things happen, and no one is immune from this.So learn to put up with the worst result of your problem, and then quietly look for a solution.

4. Would it be important in 5-10 years?

Try as much as possible to ask myself about this.Yes, today the problem seems huge, but imagine how you look at it from the future.Most likely, it will be much less.Many issues lose their importance in time, so learn how to weed out small problems to solve really important problems.

5. Analyze their experiences

Many of them will not pass inspection even one of the above methods.Fear can ruin your life, so he deserves to be fought with him.And defeat him, you will be surprised how beautiful life is!