forget and heal

Ā«Treatment time" - is not an empty hope, and scientists were able to prove it.This process is similar to tightening borozdochek, "drawn by" in the human brain.The more people think about something, the more "printed" such borozdochka, but when they forget it gradually flatten.Imagine the process as treatment of scratches if you continually traumatize the skin, it will not be healthy, but it is necessary to leave her alone for a while, and scratch delayed. It is important that people switched to other things.The more you think about what is causing you pain, the longer the process of "treatment time".Distracted difficult, but necessary.

Some clinics conducted a special treatment bed.People who experienced severe grief, fell asleep for 1-2 weeks, and this time take care of them specially trained personnel.After this treatment the mountain does not completely forgotten, but it seemed very far away, as if the tragic events took place many years ago.This means that the time can really heal, you only need to use them correctly.

Healing new life

Strange as it may seem in moments of grief, but life continues to take its course.Time puts everything in its place, and forcing people to adapt to the constantly changing circumstances.All new and new concerns need to be addressed, and eventually manage to forget about the incident and later painful memories altogether erased and disappear from life. Unfortunately, we can not say how much time you need.So, sometimes painful parting forgotten for half a year thanks to a new, more colorful love, and sometimes remain for decades.

should not ignore the fact that with age one becomes wiser and more experienced.Changing world around him, and he changed.Faced with a new love, he can be grateful to the former partner of the gap, since the height of his experience can already see that the former Union had no chance.Finding a new job, it can be understood that the dismissal, which seemed a disaster, it was good.

hardest treated the wounds inflicted by the death of loved ones.But over time, as it were terrible and blasphemous as it sounds in moments of sorrow, one realizes that life is not eternal, and each comes your time.In place of the dead people come to the little children who still have a lot of joy and laughter.There comes a time when it is becoming important.Then the man let go close to his heart, and he is completing treatment.